CU Realty Services Recognizes Wright-Patt Credit Union for Saving Members $1.6 Million

Wright-Patt Credit Union joins elite Million Dollar Club after it meets national milestone through the HomeAdvantage program

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., October 5, 2016—In 2003, Dayton, Ohio-based Wright-Patt Credit Union launched a new real estate program with a very specific goal: increase purchase mortgage volume and deepen member relationships. Now, 13 years after implementing the HomeAdvantage™ program from CU Realty Services, the 320 thousand-member CU with $3.2 billion in assets has closed thousands of mortgage loans that have come through the turnkey real estate program. Just as importantly, Wright-Patt Credit Union has delivered $1.6 million in savings to its members in the form of cash rewards at closing.

While hundreds of CUs and CUSOs across the U.S. have partnered with HomeAdvantage, Wright-Patt Credit Union is one of only eight CUs to exceed the $1 million milestone.

Credit unions that use HomeAdvantage are able to give their members a one-stop, home-buying experience, that allows them to search for homes online, connect with local and program-approved real estate agents, and to earn cash rewards at closing.

“Surpassing this million dollar milestone means we’ve provided tremendous value to our members as they’ve achieved their dream of homeownership,” said Tim Mislansky, senior vice-president and chief lending officer at Wright-Patt Credit Union. “Many of our members are first-time home buyers where every dollar counts. You can imagine how much that cash at closing helps someone who may have only a small amount of money saved for a down payment and closing costs.”

While the cash rewards initially attract members to the program, Mislansky says providing them with a vetted and approved real estate agent gives members a sense of security that they are in good hands throughout the entire home-buying or -selling process. “And for us, because we are seen as our members’ real estate advocates, we no longer worry about losing our mortgage loans to our competitors.Having a team of trustworthy real estate agents, to partner with, has allowed us to keep 96 percent of our mortgage loans that come through the program.”
Wright-Patt Credit Union gave its members $225,000 in cash rewards last year, which, in turn, helped 300 families. Mislansky says while the dollars are great, they’re more excited about the number of people they’ve helped. “Our members tell our staff everyday how excited they are about the HomeAdvantage program and how much they like the agent they are working with. Our hope is that next year we can give even more members this amazing benefit and make homeownership more affordable for them.”
While members report the one-on-one service they receive as the biggest benefit, they also appreciate the financial rewards. Members who use a real estate agent from the HomeAdvantage network earn a cash rewards at closing, equal to 20 percent of the agent’s commission. From September 2015 through August 2016, credit union members using the HomeAdvantage program in California earned more than $700,000 in cash rewards.

About CU Realty Services, LLC

CU Realty Services provides real estate services to credit unions across the nation, helping them increase their purchase mortgage business. Launched in 2001, the CUSO has worked with more than 100 credit unions and thousands of their members. CU Realty’s range of web-based tools helps home buyers find homes, research neighborhoods, calculate costs, connect to experienced real estate agents, and earn a cash reward. By offering this program to members, credit unions are able to achieve significant increases in their purchase mortgage business.

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About Wright-Patt Credit Union

Established in 1932, Wright-Patt Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative proudly serving the Miami Valley with over 320,000 members and $3.2 billion in assets. As a cooperative, Wright-Patt Credit Union joins members together, pooling financial resources to meet the needs of all. The pooled resources provide the capital to run a strong and efficient operation. Wright-Patt Credit Union is headquartered in Beavercreek, Ohio, and has 31 Member Centers throughout Southwest Ohio and the Columbus Area. Wright-Patt Credit Union’s mission is to help people through life by allowing members to achieve a greater degree of economic independence. Visit Wright-Patt Credit Union’s website at for more information.

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